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Our latest article is a brilliant guest post from Joel Jorgensen at Vinescapes: 'A tale of two approaches: a practical comparison of the financial and ecological benefits of biodiversity at two sites in the UK'. 

We're proud to support a number of vineyard consultancies using Sectormentor to support their work in the vineyard - a number of which have started to introduce visual soil monitoring & other regenerative indicators aided by Sectormentor. We'll be telling more of these stories in upcoming months!

We first heard Joel tell this story at an SWGB meeting, and we thought it was a great demonstration of the importance of soil observation and the core practices that support regenerative viticulture. Itā€™s great to hear how Sectormentor helps Joel keep track of client account data, and bring together a full picture of the link between vine and soil health. 

Click below to read all about Joel's learnings...

Have you monitored soil health on your vineyard?

Let us know - we'd love to hear from you. 

The Vidacycle team
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